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Trinxat and xuixo de crema September 6, 2012

Filed under: Andorra — Emily @ 10:59 pm

Let’s start with dessert, ok? I made donuts! These are a Catalan version called Xuixo de Crema, recipe here. Basically they are yeast donuts with a lemony cream filling. And they were delicious. And I had to make only half because they are SO YUMMY! John has a weakness for donuts and yes, I exploited that. Plus making donuts was a fun afternoon activity that saved me from statistics homework.


Only one problem. Not enough filling!!

Look at my poor beat up stove. I love it! This is trinxat. It’s a potato and cabbage pancake, recipe here. There’s not a lot of truly Andorran dishes but this is the one everyone talks about. I found this on Global Table Adventure. It was delicious and tasty and went well with sausage.


It looks much less impressive than it tasted. I heated a sausage and then we grilled it.


Andorrans really like a good wine, crusty bread, local cheeses and sausage. Yum!


John gives this meal two thumbs up.


Cat says hi!


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