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Coca September 4, 2012

Filed under: Andorra — Emily @ 11:36 pm

This week started my adventures with Andorra! This is the first out of the four countries I’ve done already that is a Christian nation and the second that is in Europe. Many people have never heard of Andorra before. It’s such a small country that you could blink and miss it.

That little tiny speck between Spain and France is Andorra! It is between Midi-Pyrenees division of France and Catalan in Spain. The cuisine here is a mix of both French and Spanish. The majority of the recipes I came across appeared to be more Spanish.


John has been such a good sport with my cooking ADD so I try to reward him whenever I can. The first recipe I picked for Andorra was coca aka flatbread with toppings. While I am not legally allowed to call flatbread without tomato sauce, pepperoni and mozzarella pizza in my house, its about as close as you get.


I made coca last night and tonight from this recipe from NPR. The one below is sweet pepper, bacon and caramelized onion coca which is a recipe at the bottom of the NPR page.


The Manchego cheese was a bit outside of our budget but really was delicious! If you don’t want to spend $$ on cheese, pecorino romano is somewhat similar. The flatbread above was only a quarter of the dough. You could also make mini flatbreads half that size.




Since I had so much dough, I decided to make it again tonight. But we were out of onions! So enter me putting whatever I can find in the refrigerator on the flatbread.



Half was spinach and sweet pepper and the other half was avocado with bacon and Manchego over both sides. Note: avocado was pretty weird. I would not recommend it! However spinach is a very tasty combination.


There aren’t many recipes that are uniquely Andorran as you might imagine being in the middle of two such culinarily defined countries. Generally people say they eat a lot of sausage, crusty bread and local cheeses. We may have some of that stuff at our local gourmet shop but on a budget those kinds of things are a bit out of reach.

This week I plan to make a potato and cabbage pancake type dish called trinxat (the quintessential thing to make when you are learning about Andorra) served with a sausage. I am also going to make some sort of pastry horn with a cream filling. Sounds tasty, right?



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