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Osh Pyozee and Murgh Pilau June 25, 2012

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This last week was pretty busy. I made Osh Pyozee and Murgh Pilau. I also attempted to read the Wars of Afghanistan but about 10 pages in it was feeling like a homework assignment.

My recipe for Osh Pyozee came from Duo Dishes blog. Osh Pyozee is a stuffed onion recipe.


The recipe calls for a quick steam of the onions to loosen the layers. Then I peeled the layers apart and stuffed them with rice, ground beef and prunes. The onions were then cooked on the stovetop at low temperature for 2 hours. As you can see they got quite dark. If you like dishes with sweet elements, you would like this! For me, the prunes were a little sweeter than I would like but the onions were soft and yummy. Make sure to add plenty of salt to the outside of the onions.

I believe this is supposed to be a side dish to a multi-dish dinner or celebration. As you can see, the onions look pretty pathetic all by themselves on my plate.

The other thing I made yesterday actually is Murgh Pilau or Chicken Rice.


The recipe for this was from Helen Saberi’s book. It was fairly easy, cook everything separately in oil and then combine and simmer for 45 min. 2 onions chopped and browned in oil. 1 chicken browned in oil. 3/4 c. raisins plumped in oil. 2 carrots softened in oil. 2 1/2 c. rice parboiled for 2 min. Combine all and cook for 45min.


Again this was another recipe with a sweet element in it. Additionally, this recipe is usually for lamb or a whole chicken. Chicken breast  was a bad idea because there’s just not enough fat in it to keep it moist. It gets dry really easily. Other than that, the rice was light and flaky and the carrots and raisins were delicious. Definitely reminded me of the pilafs we used to have when I was a kid.


I’m not a huge fan of anything sweet at all in my main dishes but I’m wondering if adding fruit to a main dish is a theme of middle eastern cooking. I would not be too surprised since they are a huge exporter of fruit!


One Response to “Osh Pyozee and Murgh Pilau”

  1. Joyce Says:

    Looks interesting! Yummmm.

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